Special Response Services

In an ever-growing city, police are tasked with responding to calls around the clock, so when your alarm sounds or your camera system indicates there are people trespassing, who’s to tell if the police will be available to respond immediately or not? APS offers our clients a Special Response to any and all burglary, residential, commercial, or perimeter alarm indications. Our officers will respond in fully marked and highly visible patrol vehicles. APS has the ability to reach any location in a fast and swift manner, arriving prior to police, assuring our clients the appropriate protection and presence to prevent damage or loss of property. Our officers act as key holders for your area locations and buildings during all hours of the day, so no more phone calls late at night waking you up to respond to one of your area locations. Special Response also provides the client’s with 24/7 dispatching, and in the case of a situation being deemed an emergency prior to the start of shift, an available officer will be dispatched to respond and take a courtesy report for our client’s. Courtesy reports are extremely similar to regular incident reports, however are performed when an officer is not assigned to that location on that day or at the time of that incident.