Patrol Services

APS has the ability to provide full patrol services to clientele, where we provide immediate response to any calls for patrol or security needs. APS Patrol Officers are armed, and trained to carry firearms in the State of Ohio adding additional protection to the properties that they cover. APS offers these services to a variety of areas including: Home Owners Associations, Apartment Complex’s, or Neighborhood’s. Our patrol services provide consistent visibility on and off property utilizing a marked or unmarked patrol vehicle, where our officers wear highly visible uniforms to be clearly identified as security. The overall job of our patrol services division is to protect properties against vandalism, theft, or the mere presence of suspicious activity. We commit to serve our clientele by developing a patrol program specific to any property’s needs. APS offers this service as a measure of providing security and a deterrent by patrolling parking lots, and perimeters by vehicle and foot. Officers also check building security to any structures including doors, windows, and perimeter lighting. Every patrol vehicle is outfitted with lighting equipment which includes: a spotlight, and emergency flashing lights. In addition cars are equipped with a first aid kit, traffic cones and flares, a fire extinguisher, and jumper cables. To complete an officer’s reporting tasks, patrol vehicles are equipped with on-board computers as well as communication devices to receive any and all calls from our dedicated 24/7 dispatch.