Innovative Patrol & Protection Services

APS is leading the migration towards assuring safer communities, specializing in patrol, protection, and investigative services

Providing services to the Central Ohio area

APS is working to pave a new path for Security and Protection Services in and around the Central Ohio area.

Now servicing Cedar Rapids and the State of Iowa

APS while continuing to service the State of Ohio has now expanded to providing Security and Protection Services in The State of Iowa.

Assuring crime prevention and community safety

Our team of experienced personnel work together with local Law Enforcement to help battle the ever growing rate of crime in the area.

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ASSURED PROTECTION SERVICES is not just a security solutions company, we are a community oriented full patrol service provider. Our personnel are experienced in security with multiple years of service in the   industry. Although we are a newer company, all of our personnel have been in public safety for a vast amount of years. We bring a large variety of different ideas to the table which include different methods in order to decrease criminal activity and increase overall safety. We stand out from other security companies because of our efforts and interaction with the community, we focus on enforcement of laws and property regulations, by adding to the traditional observing and reporting method. Our officers work by the side of local law enforcement and emergency services to ensure all necessary information is obtained and that our clients receive the adequate and appropriate information that they need. Our primary goal is assuring the reduction of crime in turn reducing the amount of overall loss and ensuring public safety. We make this possible by offering our clients the diversity of uniformed armed and unarmed officers, as well as plain clothed armed and unarmed officers. With our services we provide the option of a marked or unmarked patrol vehicle in our efforts of reducing criminal activity. All of our services are negotiable depending on our current and future client needs.


  • Our team of experienced personnel work together with local Law Enforcement to help battle the ever growing rate of crime in the area. We thoroughly review the needs of our customers and formulate a corrective plan to providing the necessary services.
  • OUR CLIENTS are our life line, we hope to build a long lasting bond and relationship with our customers to providing annual services. Our Administrative team makes it their goal to provide the necessities to make our clients happy and to quickly and swiftly address any concerns that may arise.
  • Through client satisfaction we welcome your feedback and any suggestions you may have. We also welcome the public’s feedback on our services. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.





“If you have information that might lead to the apprehension of a felon you can Call the tip line at 614.461.8477 or Submit Your Tip online. Crime Stoppers needs as much information as you can provide, not your name! All calls will remain anonymous even if you want to talk to a Detective! Tipster phone lines do not have caller ID and are not recorded!